Monday, June 28, 2010

Overnight: Simon

It's time to meet Simon, the most adorable black dog in our house Saturday night. This Papillon (mix?) was mellow and sweet.

I tried to get good pictures of him, but he was too busy checking things out for the most part.

What I really wanted was to show off his ears, they just tickled me to pieces.

While I pretty much love every dog I transport or overnight, Simon is probably the ONE I would have kept of this group if I were looking.

I mean, just look at those ears! Who can resist them?

I didn't have my camera handy when he was at his cutest, sprawled out on the arm of the recliner next to my son.

I had a Sheltie named Simon a long time ago. He was a total goofball, and wonderful. But a lot bigger than this Simon.

Those adorable stubby legs, the ears, his bright eyes... just 15 pounds of awesome wrapped up in a 7.5 pound fur coat.

He was quite comfortable with the kids, and had no issue with us near him while eating.

I think whoever adopts this boy is going to be one lucky person indeed.

I have to admit, I even teared up a little sending him on down the road. I know he is headed for a better life, even better than I could give, but that doesn't stop me from wishing he could stay.