Thursday, June 3, 2010


Just a few pictures this time, of half of the Nubar Sparkles collection. Then I'll see about editing more pictures while I do tonight's manicure, and try to get to bed at a decent hour. I'm hoping to move the pool table downstairs this weekend, and pull the carpet in the living room and hall, so we can get the wood floors down next week. I am so so so excited about that!

First up, Nubar Fire Sparkle, a lovely red glitter. The pictures always seem to make it look bumpy, but Nubar glitters tend to be pretty smooth compared to other glitters like this. Glitter always has been, and probably always will be my first love when it comes to nail polish.

Next up, Nubar Meadow Sparkle, which is a light green glitter. These tend to give really nice coverage in three coats, which is pretty nice.

Then we have Petunia Sparkle, which is an awesome purple glitter. I just love the way it looks against my pale skin, and spent more time than I should have staring at this one.

Finally, Nubar Star Sparkle, a holographic silver that I love love LOVE! I actually have started to be more careful about using holo polishes on weekends, since I drive so much then, and can get so caught up staring at my nails that I'm afraid I'll miss something important on the road. Okay, I kid, a little.

Eventually I'll get pictures of the other Nubar Sparkles up, I hope.