Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm so far behind I'm catching up with myself!

Yeah, I know, that title doesn't even make sense. I'm in one of those confuddled periods, and have been busting butt to get things done around the house. It's amazing that it's harder to get things done with the kids gone, but they really are helpful when they're here. I have managed to replace our lawn mower and toilet (both were broken, though not at the same time!), and we just have to slide the new toilet into place. The new lawn mower is an electric one, and I love it! Sure, it's harder to keep the cord out of the way, but not having to pull start it is great. And I no longer have to trek to the gas station to fill it up. I could have gotten a cordless one for another $100, but that money is going to be used on transports instead.

Speaking of transports, while on the way to meet my ex and send the kids back with him, we managed to find a transport that needed a couple legs. So let's meet the critters who caught a ride with us.

We'll start with Brinkley, who seems to be a Rott/hound mix of some sort. She was a real sweetie.

She rode tucked in behind the kitty crate, and was pretty mellow the whole way.

Next up, Rover, a Yorkie. And what a personality!

He was just ready to go go go! And he was all over the Jeep, saying hi to everybody.

After a while, though, he decided he would be our navigator.

The big dog on this run was Duke, a Great Pyrenees mix. And he is gorgeous!

When you talk about gentle giants, this is one.

I just love the colors on him, such a lovely combo.

He wanted to run around the whole Jeep too, but being as big as he was made it tougher.

It was crowded, but it wasn't for too long, so it was worth it. Knowing we helped these guys make it to safety is always worth it.

And of course, there were the adorable kittens.

Since they don't get to come out of the crate on transports, it's harder to get good pictures of them. But safety is a whole lot more important than pictures.

These three were just too cute for words.

Well, I need to run the dogs out for a potty break, and then throw some dishes in the dishwasher, and who knows what else, but I'll likely be back with some more polish pictures later on.