Monday, July 5, 2010

Overnight: Four Pups!

These four pups didn't come with names, so my kids dubbed them Freckles, Speckles, George, and Sue. They are Pointer pups, and as most puppies, completely adorable. Let's meet them!

First, the pup dubbed Freckles.

An absolutely adorable little dog, and so attentive.

Sniffing around in the grass was fun.

Obviously, so was running.

But there was time for some cuddling too.

More than once, even.

Now we can meet Speckles.

As you can see, a Pointer starts early.

Sniffing around under the truck.

Time for a little break in the grass.

The piece of foam must be gotten!

However, what to do with the foam once it's gotten is another story.

Our third overnighter is George.

Yes, George is a girl.

You'd have to ask the kids why they chose a 'boy' name for a girl dog.

It couldn't possibly be something *I* have ever done in the past.

The grass made for plenty of fun game times.

I love the way puppies run.

And the last member of this litter is Sue.

Sue is apparently tracking something very important.

Over the driveway and through the grass.

Aha! She found a person to cuddle with!

Funny how they turn their heads away from the camera so much.

And napping, which is always a most adorable puppy thing to do.

I also have a lot of pictures of all these puppies playing, since they managed to stay up most of the night. With a few naps here and there.