Monday, July 5, 2010

Overnight: Play Time!

You might think I was exaggerating when I said I had a lot of pictures of all these dogs, but I wasn't. However, I did go through and at least pick the best ones to post. It's just so hard to decide which are the best! So let's see how cute playing puppies are!

It took them a few minutes to adjust to a new place, but only a very few.

In short order, they were playing all over the place.

They pounced each other.

They bit each other.

They stopped to see what the odd people were doing.

They took turns being the pouncer and pouncee.

They even made cute funny faces.

They ran themselves ragged playing.

And a rousing game of chase was had too.

Krissie was so totally disappointed that we locked them out and wouldn't let her come play with the puppies. Here's her escape attempt, which was unsuccessful.

Well, I have one more set of puppy playing pictures, and then I can try to get the new transport pictures uploaded and share those as well.