Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Of The Day

Today's Blog of the Day is one that I've found infinitely useful in setting up my blog. I'm not the best with html and a lot of other computer things (give me some hardware and DOS, and I'm more comfortable), but I can learn and I know how to research. Well, my research led me to the following blog: BloggerSentral! I have no idea if the person writing the blog is a he or a she (or something else, who knows? Haha), but it's helped me quite a bit in setting things up and making it look like I want it to look around these parts.

I found a couple posts that I think everybody should take advantage of, and one that I really really like.

How To Back Up Your Blog - This is important because you just never know what kind of thing could happen. Hopefully most people know how to do this, but if you don't, here's how.

How To Copy/Recover A Link List - This is not only useful to get your link list if you've accidentally deleted it, but can be used to copy it over to a new blog. Or, even to grab somebody else's link list so you can go through them at your leisure.

Put A Widget In A Scroll Box - This is what I used to put my tags in a scroll box.

If you know of other helpful blogs like this, I'm always interested.

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