Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

Today's Blog of the Day is A Polish Problem. It's run by a Stay-At-Home Mom who loves nail polish. I can't say where I found her (I've got *SO* many blogs I read that I'll never remember how I got to most of them), but her pictures are quite lovely, and she does a feature post every Friday with new blogs to check out. How cool is that? So, in all her glory, I'll introduce...
A Polish Problem

I'll tell you now, she has gorgeous nails (short and pretty), and lots of awesome pictures on her blog. It was really difficult for me to pick out favorite posts, because I like them all. Really. So, let's just take a peek at three of them that I like.

Nfu-Oh GS14

Random Ribbons Funky French

Nicole Yellow It's Me with China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

So just go over and take look, and see if you don't love her adorable nails and great reviews.

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