Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Couple More Giveaways.

I'm finding so darn many of these as I'm looking for blogs to read.. it's kinda overwhelming. Sometimes I don't enter them at all, just post about them (if I already have most of the polishes they are giving away, etc). I hope that someday I have enough readers to do giveaways. So, check out these two (and follow their blogs too)!

First, Confessions of a Polishoholic is having a big giveaway. Look at it!
Here is what she is giving away: Safari Trendy Colour No. 316 - shade between brown and claret, Safari Trendy Colour No. 07M - bright olive green, Safari Trendy Colour No. 08R - ivory pearl, Vipera - French Manicure set - 3 polishes and tip guides, Vipera Jumpy No. 162 - just blue, Vipera Everlasting No. 55 - powder baby pink.

The other contest I stumbled across is at Oooh Shinies! (I love that name.) Take a peek at the picture.
Here is a list of what she has: Gosh Ocean, HEMA glitter polish, Essence Glitter top coat, Catrice London's Weather Forecast, Plum Play With Me & Clay-ton, My Hero, 5 different Essence sticker sheets, Herôme Cuticle Pusher & Travelsize Glass Nail File