Sunday, August 15, 2010

July is a hot month here.

Gee, am I a master of understatement or what? Actually, it wasn't terrible, all things considered. We did finally give in and put air conditioners in a couple windows July 5th, mostly because the dogs were getting a bit miserable. I suppose I would be too, if I were wearing a fur coat. So, we have cooler air in a couple rooms, and we can enjoy (HA!) the heat as we want. For now, though, let's enjoy some more pictures of polish.

I stopped into Fashion Bug to look for some jeans, and was immediately distracted by a display of nail polish. Being me, I had to pick some up, and this is the first one of those I tried. This is a lovely neon purple, and it went on so smoothly for me. I'm really quite impressed with these so far, and I'll be stopping back in to pick up the other colors at some point. The name is really not original (Purple, LOL), but I don't care about names much.

While taking the kids back, I found an Ulta, so I stopped in and picked up a few polishes. This is one.

Here's another one from Ulta, the Essence. And my old standby, SH provided the color for the gradient. And I found that the Fashion Bug Silver was a great Konad polish.

I think this must have been Ulta week or something. Haha. This is Ulta Devious, and I accented my ring finger with a Dollar Store find by Sassy Doo.

This is an amazing yellow polish from Ulta. I used my Fashion Bug Garden Green to make a gradient, and then did Konad stamps of lemon/lime slices.

I just had to show you, this is ONE COAT of Ulta Sun-sational.

Like many others, my eyes was drawn immediately to the Revlon display with the glitters. This is the first one I chose to use, Ruby and Slippers.

A couple days later, I chose to use Revlon Lunar and Galaxy, but I accented my ring finger with star decals.

On July 27th, my one and only Wet N Wild from the summer LE collection was the base for my manicure. This is Blueberry Fizz. I chose SH Hi Def in Byte to make the gradient, and then applied decals.

For the last few days of July, I wore Revlon Rock and Star. It's a nice purple, and the glitter is great.

That finishes off July, and brings me closer to current.