Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back In The Saddle (But Not The Jeep)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of transporting a few dogs in the pickup again, while they finished figuring out what was wrong with the Jeep. Apparently some relay thingy under or in the front bumper wasn't turning the cooling fan on and off as it should, and then it wasn't getting power like it should so they were looking through the wiring harness for the issue. Anyway, it seems to be fixed now, and we haven't had any hints of overheating all week, including on today's transport. But these pictures are from last week's. So let's get to them.

The first picture I'll share is of Inigo, a mostly blind and deaf Doxie. Sounds like a sad story, but there is a happy part. Apparently one of the transporters fell so hard for him that after sending him on to the next leg, she made arrangements to catch up and get him to take him home and foster to possibly adopt.

This is Citrus, who was traveling with her pups.

And these are her pups.
Are they not just the cutest things?
Little balls of fluff and fur and puppy breath.
It's a good thing I'm not allowed to bring any home, because I would have grabbed all four.
And look, they even sing! Haha.

This is Rigby.

Here is Hope.

Meet Emmy (not Emma as I put on there, duh me).

Reese has the Bassett puppy dog eyes down pat.

Sally is a pretty Bassett.

If Jill's eyes don't make your heart melt, then you are stronger than me.

Here is a really blurry picture of Teddy.

Meet Trina, who is scarred, but still sweet.

And now we have the ones that hitched a ride in the truck.
First, Bella, who just wasn't going to hold still for all the whistles and fingersnaps in the world.

Snuggles, who was thrilled to just hang out in the passenger seat and enjoy the view.

Telly, who was tired, and just wanted to be snuggled and sleep.

And Princess, who was Telly's traveling buddy, and enjoyed the ride thoroughly.

She started out in the passenger seat, but that changed quickly.

Obviously, I needed her help to drive properly.

I hope to have pictures from today's transport up tomorrow, I had three Bassetts, a Yorkie, a Cavalier King Charles, and a mini Aussie in the Jeep; all mill dogs that touched my heart. The mini Aussie especially just made me want to bring him home and love on him forever... and one of the Bassetts was so thin and oh I just wanted to cry for her.

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