Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ima June And Her Kittens

When pregnant cats come to the shelter, the best thing to do is get them out to rescue to have their kittens, and then get them all speutered before adoption. This is Ima June, who made it to Buffalo, and her four kittens.

Ima June is a dilute calico, and a real sweetheart. Here she is with a couple of her kittens.

She's a tiny little thing.

Of course, that means her kittens are tiny too.

She looks mad there. Hee.

Here are the other two kittens you haven't seen yet.

Okay, now let's see each kitten individually. We'll start with Chocolate.

I just adore when kittens do the arched back thing. They are so adorable trying to look all scary.

Also, hiding under things and peeking out. Kittens never seem to stop playing.

Next we'll meet Elle.

She didn't want to hold still for pictures either.

While they are kept in a cage for safety, they get plenty of time to run around and play too.

Now let's meet Gloria.

Getting pictures of cats in motion is hard, y'all.

Floofy tail!

And last, but certainly not least, we meet Joyce.

She's gonna grow into those ears, I'm sure.

Those eyes are staring right into my soul. Muahahaha!

I'm sure you can see why I love doing that run, I get to play with kittens, and I don't have to clean up after them! It's all worth it though, I do love our animals.

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