Sunday, October 3, 2010

The WNW Color Craze Collection - Swatches

I gave in and bought the whole collection in the end, so I thought I'd swatch them together and show you what they look like. I'm still pretty disappointed that I couldn't get the other collection, the one with the islands and that I got NO response from WNW whatsoever. Such is life, I guess. Anyway, let's take a peek at these.

We'll start with my favorite nail polish color, yellow! Here is The Wonder Years. Took the full four coats for full coverage, but it was nice even so. Has a bit of shimmer that's hard to see.

The Gold and the Beautiful. A lovely gold, took three coats to be opaque. Also shimmery.

Teal or No Teal. Really slight shimmer, and a little more sheer than I usually like. But very pretty color.

Sage In The City. Again, more sheer than I like, and a teensy bit of shimmer. It really looks more coral to me, but it's orange, I guess. It took four coats to be fully covered.

How I Met Your Magenta. Very nice pink with pink flash to it. More like fuchsia to me, but whatever.

Gray's Anatomy. Kind of a silvery grey. covered pretty well.

Buffy The Violet Slayer. It's violet. More sheer than I like, but nice anyway. Nothing to die for.

I know these were all at least somewhat popular shows, but with the exception of watching some seasons of Buffy (okay, all of them, on dvd) with a friend, I never watched any of them! The polishes were mostly a little more sheer than I'd usually go for, but the color was buildable in every case.