Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog Of The Day.

Oh look, I'm doing this late again. That's what happens when your whole day is filled with BULLSHIT. But I'm not going to rant and rave right now, I'm going to tell you about another nail polish blog that I love to read. Today I will share with you... Candy Coated Tips!

If you like nail polish, you will loove this blog. In fact, I spent the last couple hours going through a BUNCH of her posts, and then chose some of the more recent ones to share. The things I do for you. Hee. Anyway, here are a few posts that stand out.

Milani Hi-Tech - One of the Milani holo polishes. Great pictures.

Sinful In Black - What happens when you layer a couple of Sinful polishes over black? Well, you'll have to go look and see for yourself.

My Blackened Blue Collection and Comparison - A whole post of all the black blues she has. Looooove these.

I've got some swatches to post, and some other things I want to implement here on the blog, but today has just been too much, and I'm going to medicate myself into oblivion. I hope. And I'll watch musicals really loud and lay in bed and vegetate.

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