Friday, November 19, 2010

A Few Manis and Swatches.

Let's take a peek at the end of October (Wow, I'm getting behind again) and some swatches. Yay!
Here are the last week's worth of manis in October. I kinda didn't go too Halloweenie like I usually do. But this orange fits the theme! And I got complimented on it, and it's brightness.

In this case, I did my hands in different colors. Here's the left, using Nothing But Truffle from Color Club.

And on this hand, Color Club Red Velvet. And a bonus matte top coat so you can see how that looks. The Color Club colors go on really well, and even though some aren't my usual cup of tea, I am very glad I got the collection.

I couldn't wait to slap this baby on my nails once I got it. I really really like mint greens, so that trend is a happy one for me. I'm missing most of this collection, which makes me sad.

I didn't want to take off the green, so I played with a couple more Color Club colors, and a couple of art stripers in black and white. You can see how my hands shake in the unevenness of some of the lines, but oh well. I really like this mani anyway.

Following the stripes and dots from the previous mani, this time I just used two colors, and some alternating. And my accent nail striped as well.

This is one of my all time favorite manis EVER. I left it on for nearly a week, which is seriously unheard of for me. There are a few bloggers I've seen use this look, and that's where I got the idea, but I can't remember for certain which ones.

And, just for anybody who wants to know what all I used, I wrote it all out. Even The Mate, who is normally pretty uninterested in my nails beyond, "It's pretty." was impressed with this one and wanted me to leave it on. And I got TONS of compliments on this one too! I told everybody I was a tree for Halloween, and the butterflies were landing on me. LOL

And now, some Sinful Colors swatches. We'll start with Dawn. It's a jelly purple, similar to Daddy's Girl, but thinner, and less coverage. VNL was pretty evident even with four coats. This would be good for gradient manis.

Next is Dusk, which is a pretty average color. Goes on well and covers well. I'm not sure that a brownish color translates to dusk in my head, but it's pretty enough.

And here is Femme Fatale, which is a pretty decent shimmery blue. Probably need two thick or three thin coats for full coverage. It's not anything special, but for the price, if you want this, it's worth it.

This one is called Full Moon. It's dark grey/black with silver shimmer, and pretty nice. Again, for the price, I really like this one, so if you're a fan of the color, it's worth it.

Here we have Vamp. This reminds me of some of the OPI shimmery reds, only the price is a lot smaller. Three thin or two thick coats for full coverage, goes on smooth, and sorta glows from within just a bit. It's a keeper for sure if you love reds.

And last is Witching Hour, which is an average burgundy shimmer with a blackened base. Covers in two coats, and went on smoothly.

All in all, this is an okay collection, and you can't beat the price on Sinfuls.

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