Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dogs, But Not Mine This Time! (Plus a Little Bit of Polish)

I only got a very few not so grand pictures on the 5th when I transported dogs. But, I'm still going to share them with you. And, I've got a quick comparison of OPI Mad As A Hatter, so you'll have to check it out if you want to see a reasonable facsimile of it. Let's get right to it.

First off, there were something like 17 dogs on this transport, only three with me. And I only got pictures of two of the others. Let's meet them first.
Chang was a little cutie, and ready to say hi to everybody.

Tansy was pretty nervous about the whole thing. It's hard to see these scared dogs come through, and reflect on what they may have gone through to get so frightened.

And these aren't the greatest pictures either, but I suppose that's okay.
Gracie was super mellow, and slept the whole way. She's a Vizsla mix, and will make a wonderful family dog for someone.

Kaiya was also very mellow, not to mention adorable.

She was super ready to get out and stretch her legs at the transfer point.

I do love the huskies muchly, but no more dogs for me! Especially not since it looks pretty good to have Bo here tomorrow. I'm way excited about that. I've got about a month to find him rescue or a home to go to. Anyway, here's the last picture of Kaiya.

And Quentin, who was pretty frightened, but seemed to start coming out of his shell through the day. The gal that passed him to me said she thought they would never get him out of his crate, he was so scared. But when I came to him slowly, he started wagging his tail, and once we arrived, he came out of the back of the Jeep with some curiosity. I'm sure with some security in his life, he will turn into a very loving dog for somebody. I love this picture of him.

Just because I can, I grabbed a picture of the roads, as this is the first snow I saw this year! Too bad it was in Ohio, not at home. But soon.

And now, those of you who are nail polish fanatics, and want to know what comes close to OPI Mad As A Hatter... here it is! It's Amour Rain Glitter!

Lovely multi-colored glitter, right up my alley. Here it is over black, and blurry as heck too.

And, the comparison to the OPI. As always, you can click to see the pictures all big and such.

As you can see, it's not an exact dupe, but if you missed out on the OPI, you might be happy with the Amour.  You can buy it on Transdesign for $1.99 if you don't have anyplace local to get it.

I'll be back in a while with some more swatches, and maybe I'll even get caught up on the transports, although having three of them last week means I have a whole lot of pictures to go through. And so very few turn out since I don't have a decent camera right now. However, tomorrow we will take delivery of a new Canon PowerShot A490 to get us by until our regular cameras can be repaired. I'll be sending The Mate's Olympus in tomorrow, and once we have that taken care of, we'll work on getting my Canon S3 IS repaired too. Of course, if it's a really outrageous price to fix them, maybe we'll replace them, but that will take a bit. If I have to replace mine, I'm going to see if I can upgrade to something like the Canon Rebel. Mine at least turns on, but the pictures are way over-exposed, and I really have to struggle to try to get color-accurate pictures of polish with it. Our JVC video camera shoots stills, but the quality isn't anywhere close to using my super macro mode, and The Mate's small JVC camera has no flash, and isn't too hot at macro shots either. For a total novice at camera work, I'm sure learning a lot about how to use different ones for different things! Okay, off to package doggy food, and then have supper.

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