Monday, November 29, 2010

Last of the Dog Beach Pics!

Are you relieved? Muahahaha! I've got tons more work to do, but I wanted to get these up for now, and later I can post more stuff. I've got to redo a section of my fence because the neighbors don't want the fence touching theirs or something, and I'm going to rearrange how it's set up. Then I've got to keep plugging away at laundry, work on the living room, and try to get ready to paint. Anyways, now that it's nice and cold, let's look at the last pictures I've got of Jupiter and Missy at the beach.

I'm not even gonna talk, just enjoy the pictures.

Well, I need to get back to work. I should be back later with some more posts, or at least one. And if I find time to upload and edit, I have transport dogs to share, plus more NOTD pictures. I'm also under the gun on finding Bo a place to go, as Jupiter has really taken a dislike to him, and The Mate says he just can't deal with the possibility of him getting hurt, or finally defending himself and hurting one of ours. So, I've pretty much got until this weekend to find him a home, a rescue, or another foster that we can trust, or I'll sadly have to send him back to Grayson. So if you know ANYBODY who has a soft spot for Saint Bernards, is looking to adopt one, is willing to rescue one, or whatever, please please give them my email ( and tell them to hurry. I've sent messages to over 30 rescues, and so far I have two responses, both letting me know they are full right now. This ultra sweet and gentle giant really needs somebody to love on him.

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