Monday, November 8, 2010

Life Is A Beach!

And I mean that in the good way! As I may have mentioned, I took a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures of the dogs at the beach, and I'm going to share a few more today.

Check it out, they got to sniff all over the place. Here Missy found something to smell.

Jupiter got to trot around with his tail all curled up as usual. 

Missy doesn't want to get too deep in the water, but she likes running through the shallow stuff.

Lassie stops to enjoy the breeze.

Krissie is trying to decide where to dig or something.

Jupiter and Missy played some tag while we were there.

Lassie would much prefer not to get wet, even for fetching.

Krissie and Missy seem to get tangled up a lot. Look at Krissie's ears! I love when she gets all wound up and her ears flop all over the place.

Okay, I'd better get back to work, these chores just never stop, and the dogs and cats certainly don't clean up after themselves. We're also putting the storm door back on, and maybe washing the windows. Talk about an exciting day! Haha.

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