Saturday, November 6, 2010

NARS Swatches

I was looking at tomorrow's Day Of Truth item, and I can tell that is going to be a REALLY hard one for me to write. So instead of obsessing about it, I think I'll post some swatches for you. Here's what I bought from NARS when the colors were put back on the site:
Aren't they gorgeous?
Midnight Express has been on my wishlist FOREVER. Probably only second to Clarins 230 and  Chanel Holographic. And Zulu is the first time I've gotten a backup polish, although I haven't even gone through a third of my first bottle. Oh, and I did also buy a bottle of Zulu for my friend, which I'm sure I'll manage to get in the mail to her sometime next year. So, what do these polishes look like on my nails? Let's take a look.

First up is Full Metal Jacket.
Please ignore the odd lumpiness of my pinky nail, the psoriasis affects them too. Also, my cuticles look ragged no matter what I do (side effect of the new medications), so please bear with me on that. If the meds work, it'll get better eventually. FMJ is awesome. These are really thin coats, so two is probably all you'd need.

Next we'll see Mash.
I love the way this looks (sorry about the over-exposure, I'm trying to work around my camera's issues). And the slight shimmer to it makes me happy. Definitely a keeper (they all are).

Coming up, Midnight Express.

Now we'll look at Purple Rain.
Beautiful. Gorgeous. I love the sparkle, I love the color, and I'm so happy I decided to order this one too.

Let's take a peek at Zizi.
As you can tell, it is quite sheer, and I'll likely only use it for layering. But I still love it, and it will get put to good use around here. Blinging up cream polishes is important for a bling freak like me.

And the grand finale, Zulu.
Wonderful green jelly goodness. Like I said, my first backup EVER, so that's saying something!

Coming up later or tomorrow - Sinful colors swatches, WNW swatches, and maybe a lone CND swatch. Also, some Claire's minis that are kinda flaky.

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