Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Few Manicures To Peruse.

Since I've been such a poor blogger lately, I've got a lot of catching up to do. So how about I show you the last of September's manis, and kick off October's?

Yeah, it's been too long since I posted nail pics. We'll start with one of the lovely Borghese polishes I picked up. Notte Black went on smoothly, and covered well.

Next, I did two different greens, one on each hand. I do that every so often, just because I can. Sula Olive was a watery runny mess. Kelly went on much better, which is good, because I might have written them completely off based on performance from Olive.

Now we have Revlon Lilac Pastelle, which is a lovely light lavender. This isn't a greyed out one, which is fine by me, I'm kinda not into that greige-y lavender thing. It covered pretty well for a light pastel polish. Of course, I've always had pretty good luck with Revlon, so that wasn't a shock.

Instead of taking off my lovely light lavender, I just marbled over it with two Ulta polishes. This is a marble where I'm finally getting it down a bit better, and I'm pretty thrilled with it.

Moving into October, I do start breaking out the fall colors, and this next polish is one of my faves. Nicole's Cozy Red Rosey is just an awesome polish. It's one of those 'glow-from'within' polishes that I tend to love so much.

And of course, since it's Halloween month, I like to get started playing with nail art, and holiday colors. This one was just playing with my dotting tools.

As soon as I picked up China Glaze Awakening colors, I had to play with them, so I chose Ick-A-Body, and did accent nails with decals and dots and some freehand art. .

Just for kicks, I thought I'd try the creepy eyeball look. I thought they turned out really nicely.

And the last one I'll show tonight is me having a blast. I did Konad on the pinky and index fingers, freehand art on the middle and ring, and wrote on my thumb. I tried to do the same on the right hand, but uh, I skipped pictures, as it didn't go so well. I'm not all that ambi-dextrous when it comes to nail art.

Okay, that's enough for now, I'd better get in bed so I can wake up at a human hour tomorrow.

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