Saturday, November 6, 2010

Puppy Heaven!

This transport was ALL about the puupies! There was a Momma dog with ELEVEN puppies that were just opening their eyes, and then a litter of EIGHT pups that were catching a ride to rescue. Seriously, I pretty much spent the ride singing songs about puppies to myself. Or really, more like just drooling and saying, "Dawwww puppppieeez!" Let's start with the little babies. Er well, their Momma first.

Isn't she a sweet looking dog? She was so accepting of us handling her pups too.

She didn't want to go far from them, but did take some time to check things out. 

Of course the pups were way too young to get out on the ground. 

I know it's hard because of the shadow, but here she is with all the pups in the crate. 

Here you can see a few of the pups a bit better. 

Look at how this cutie fell asleep! 

When I arrived at the meeting point, this is what I got to see in the back end of the other person's vehicle. I coulda crawled in there and napped with them quite happily. 

And here they are in the next vehicle, ready to continue on with their trip. 

Now we'll take a look at the 8 pitty mixes. SO so adorable. I managed to get 'close-ups' of only 7 of them before I ran out of time. So one sweet grey pup doesn't have a feature picture, but you can see them all together further down.  And now, I'll shut up and just show you the pups. Words aren't needed!

Geeze, just looking at the pictures is making me all squeeful again. LOL Now here are the pictures of all 8 hanging out in the crate. I know it seems crowded, but they were quite happy to crash out in a big puppy pile, and 45 minutes isn't very long in the grand scheme of things. They only got very brief bits of time on the ground, and away from where we usually take out dogs, in hopes of avoiding anything contagious. 

It's a good thing I don't transport puppies like this every week, or I'd want to steal them and bring them home! And that would be bad. Not just because I seriously don't need a litter of puppies at home (they are an awful lot of work) but because the lovely coordinators trust me with them, and running off would be awful.