Saturday, November 6, 2010

Transport Pictures Galore!

I can't sleep, so y'all are gonna get to put up with some mega-posting. Why? Because I have a metric buttload of transport pictures to share, and I've just gotten them all uploaded and edited. So, if you like dog pictures, you're gonna be in heaven on my blog tonight.

Way back in October (like it was forever ago LOL), I had some double transport weekends. These are the pictures from one of them. We'll start with the one that I have very few pictures from... just the few sweeties that rode with me.

I must apologize in advance for the blurriness of a good portion of these pictures. I'm still adjusting to The Mate's little pocket camera, and I suck at it. I've been spoiled by my Canon, and I really need to find it in the budget to get it fixed. I'll have to send it in (dangit) and it will probably run in the $150 area (hopefully not more!). Of course, since I've taken somewhere between 40K and 50K pictures with it, I guess it's done pretty well. Onto the next set of pictures!

Then, the next day, these lovely dogs are the ones that got to catch a ride. Check out this handsome fella! It was a loooong trip!

Look at these two. Aren't they just sweethearts?

If you're a dog lover, and you can look at this boy and NOT want to smother him with love and food, then I don't think I want to know you (mostly kidding!).

Seriously here... this little girl was so so very tempting to try and take home. I did NOT want to give her up when we got to Buffalo. There's always a dog (or two) that just makes me go all mooshy, and on this day, it happened to be Sadie. 

I love big dogs, and this girl was definitely big. She was also super sweet. 

How can you NOT like a dog like this? I would love to just hug him and squeeze him.. hehehe. This gentleman may be old, but he certainly had some spark left. What a doll. 

And Shelby, dear Shelby. Just a quiet, unassuming girl. 

What transport would be complete without some doggies getting to sniff noses and say hi?

Well, that's the first of a few picture heavy posts I'm sharing late tonight, or rather, early this morning. 

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