Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I put a fence up for a nice area for the dogs in the back yard. I'm awfully proud of it, even if it is a cruddy fence. Sure, I'll have to be out there with them, because they aren't trustworthy enough not to jump it, but not having to leash them to get them out is a huge thing for me.

I know a lot of people don't like winter, but I actually do. It's just that it also makes me more sore. But I love snow, and I'm ready for it. The rainy junk hurts me a lot more than steady cold and snow. 

I still really wish I could get more people to vote for Grayson in the video contest. http://www.igive.com/videocontest/?vid=5 Seriously, the other places are using contests and such to get votes. It looks like some of them may even be submitting invalid votes. There are over 100 people in our yahoo group, we should be getting at least 100 votes a day! Not only that, but almost 400 people like it (via Facebook), and we're still in 5th and not gaining much at all? It kinda feels hopeless. I can't imagine what the volunteers are feeling, as hard as they work, and people won't even take the time to vote for something like this, so simple.

I lurve Bo, but we can't keep him. I really really want to find him an awesome place to go. 

I can't wait to have a huge turkey all to ourselves. No fighting over the drumsticks!

What is it about 'Black Friday'? I absolutely HATE it and will do everything I can not to have to leave the house at all.I don't care how good the deals are. 

Here, have a bunch more pictures of Jupiter and Missy at the beach. 

How's that for random?

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