Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bo The Wonder Saint!

Okay, since I sorta blew off coming back to the blog (but I have a REALLY good reason!), I'm finally going to show off pictures of Bocephus, the lovely Saint Bernard that I'm fostering for a month. Plus, a few pictures of our dogs, and transport pictures. If you wanna know why it took so long, you'll have to click and read.
So yeah, I said I was going to come back last night to post these, but The Mate asked me to come watch tv with him for a while, and I fell asleep. He did wake me up very early, but not for the usual reasons. This morning, around 5am, we officially became engaged! Yes, the man who swore he'd never get married again has decided he'd like to, and spend the rest of his life with me! Those who know me well know that I didn't care about "that little piece of paper" for the most part, I love him whether others acknowledge it publicly or privately. But I have to admit, it's extra special to know he wants to make it official in this way. 

Okay, so that I don't bore you to pieces, I'm going to get to the pictures. Here are the dogs I transported last Saturday. I wasn't able to get pictures of the rest of the dogs going because of time, but these four were in the Jeep.
First up, Sheila the Boxer. Poor girl is too thin, and her spay sutures were a wreck, so she was ONLY carried and not allowed to jump AT ALL. 

Next up are Nick and Jake, and I'm not sure which is which. Hehehe. They are brothers, and were real sweethearts. 

And this is Riley, the wild one of the bunch. He was chewing on things, barked part of the way, just an all around brat, but who could get mad at a face like this?

I adore the look on his face here. 

Okay, not for our own dogs. I'll go shortest to tallest. Hee. So that means that the first picture if Krissie, and this is also the very first picture I took with the new camera. 
How cute is that little turned back ear?
In this picture, she is pouting because she usually get the front seat, but Bo has taken it over. She'll survive, really. 

Now we'll move on to Lassie, who was the smallest until Krissie came along. This is at the dog park, and she was checking things out carefully. 

And here she is just trotting around, looking for something to play with. 

We move to Missy now, who weighs nearly the same as Jupiter, but is shorter. She too had to sniff around the dog park. 

I took this picture of Missy when we headed up to meet Bo. She usually rides in the crate while the rest are tethered. 

And we come to Jupiter, who is the biggest dog we own, though not the biggest dog in the house right now! Just like the rest, he was sniffing at the dog park. 

Here is Jupiter trotting around. 

You can probably see that it's night in these pictures. I tend to take our crew over late because Missy can be reactive, and because our four play ROUGH, and lots of dogs don't care for that. It's easier just to avoid the other dogs. Anyway, here is an action shot of Missy pinning Krissie. 

And now, finally, the moment you've been waiting for, pictures of Bo! On the way home from meeting, he wound up in the front seat, and I got this great picture of his head. He's just so huge. 

Here he is on the way to the dog park, taking over the front seat. His feet are not on the seat, by the way, they are on the front floor. 

At the dog park, he was more interested in just kicking back and watching everybody else run like maniacs. 

He did check out the park a bit too, but he's not a run all over and be hyper kinda dog. In fact, he would prefer a few walks a day, and then to stay cuddled up with people more than anything else. 

On the way home from the dog park, he had to use the dash to rest his head. It's hard being so big!

And it's obviously tiring to take a long trip and then head to the dog park, so a nap was in order. 

I've been taking him with me most any time I leave the house, and here you can see how he hangs out in the back of the Jeep. He can't jump up in back, but he can climb quite well, so it's pretty easy to get him in and out. He's very personable to everybody he meets. 

I've got a month to find him a great place to go (time limit set by The Mate, and it makes a lot of sense, because he is a BIG dog, and it is a fair amount more work, especially since Jupiter is just too much for him. I'll be back (this time for real) with my Random Tuesday post shortly. 

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