Monday, November 22, 2010

The Third Transport

Well, besides the two transports on the 13th, I also did one on the 14th, this one for kitties. At the drop-off, I was able to spend a little time with the current kitties in rescue, and got some pretty good pictures.

This is Raphael, who was transported. He wasn't quite ready to come out of his crate when we got there.

He's already got an application in for him, so hopefully he'll be in a wonderful new home by Thanksgiving.

This is English Bob, who tested positive for FIV. Now, this doesn't mean he won't be a wonderful cat to have, just that some extra caution is indicated, and maybe he should be an only cat, or go with other cats that already have FIV. It's not super contagious, but it can spread. He's a total lovebug, and would like nothing more than to have a person who will devote parts of their day to playing with and cuddling with him.

He only gets to come out and play when he is supervised, to make sure the kittens don't wind up with FIV as well.

Next up is Pastrami, who is one of my favoritest kitties. He's just so gorgeous with all that hair.

I have to think that maybe he's got some Maine Coon or something in his background, as he is big and fluffy.

Regardless, he's gorgeous, and if I were looking for a cat, I'd be all over him.

Now for the kittens. I forget their names all too easily, but I managed to remember Chocolate and Chester. So let's meet them first.
Chocolate is quite a little character. She was giving me The Death Glare for trimming her claws. Hee.

Chester is a total athlete.
 Playing with him is so much fun, because he does fantastic leaps and jumps to catch things.
He does take a break too though.
I could have played with him for hours if I'd had time.

And the next five are the ones that I just can't remember names for. Yeah, shame on me, but I can only hold so much in my head at a time! Let's just sit back and enjoy kitty pix.

These gorgeous babies are also looking for homes, and even if you live far away, there is almost always a way to transport them.

Well, I found the camera cable, so I should try to get these pix uploaded.