Monday, November 22, 2010

While I Edit, Some WNW Swatches.

I managed to figure out how to upload from the new camera and so on, and now I just need to edit the pix. So, while I do that, and hopefully get ready to post, how about swatches from recent WNW collections? I thought you might like that.

First up, the Craze collection for Fall, or Halloween, or something like that. As you may know, these are the tiny round bottles. I do think they are cute, and I like bottles that are either round, or square, rather than all the other shapes out there. However, it does take a little practice for somebody as shaky as me to get used to these. All in all, a pretty good value if you like the colors.

Black Fog is basically a black, but it's almost verging into very dark grey. Two thicker coats, or three thinner ones should provide full coverage.

Blue Jitters is pretty much a black jelly with blurple glitter. It will take three or four coats for full coverage, but it builds nicely.

Dark Shadow is silver glitter in a black base. Three or more coats are best for coverage.

Hypnotic Red is a gorgeous red that builds to a wonderful deep red once you hit three or more coats. It's not quite a jelly, but it's close.

Mystic Blue is blue microglitter in a black base. It will take three or four coats for full coverage.

Night Owl is a very vampy purple that fully covers in two or three coats.

Prowler is a black base with purple microglitter, and does take four thin coats to cover fully.

Sleepwalker is a red/orange glitter in a black base, and really needs four or more coats to cover fully.

And now, the Wild Shine collection for Winter or the holidays or whatever. (Hey, if you want specifics on the collections, head on over to one of the blogs that keeps up with that. No really, I don't mean to be snarky, I just don't keep up very well with the newest collections and others are way better at it than I am.)

Toast is a wonderful silver metallic polish that covers very well in two coats. I love silvers, so this is a keeper.

Tipsy is a pretty coppery gold glitter in a clear base. Definitely a layering polish for me.

Over black I love the way it looks.

Spectacle is multi colored glitter, mostly purple and blue. It does build fairly well, but I'm still more likely to use it for layering.

Over black you can start to see that there is a bit of silver running through there as well.

Resolution is a semi-sheer blue. Even at four thin coats, I had VNL, so this is not one I'm likely to wear often. I do like the color, but don't always have time for 5+ coats.

Midnight is a dupe for one of the core line of WNW Wild Shine polishes, though the name escapes me right now. I love the multi-colored microglitter in this, and that it covers fully in 3 coats.

Fireworks is a gold glitter in a clear base, with added silver hex glitter. It will build to full coverage, but I'm more likely to use this in layering as well.

Over black you can see the different sizes of glitter better.

Extravaganza is a nice glowy reddish burgundy that will take two thick or three thin coats to prevent VNL.

Countdown is a grey/blue sort of sheer polish. It builds for full coverage, but I'm not so sure I'd want to take the time for 5+ coats.

Confetti is a tiny glitter in a clear base polish. It probably won't ever make full coverage (maybe with over ten coats, but uh, no way am I gonna sit around THAT long), and therefore will be a layering polish for me.

Over black you can see the blue and green tint of the glitter really well.

Cheers is a multi-color glitter in a clear base that doesn't quite build to full coverage, but might if you went with 6-7 coats. Haha. Another layering polish.

Over black you can see there is round and square glitter.

Champagne is a gorgeous golden metallic polish that covers well in two coats.

Celebration is a teal microshimmer polish that covers well.

And that completes this episode of Swatches Of Our Lives.

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