Saturday, November 6, 2010

Told Ya I Had A Lot!

Okay, here's the transport I drove the day before Halloween. More beautiful dogs (and blurry pictures dangit).

See? I wasn't kidding. I'll try to do better though!
I love Rufus. So so much.
Moses was the old guy added at the last minute, because the gal that was getting Peanut (the kitty, shown later) wanted to take him in. All these wonderful people that adopt the old and infirm dogs just touch my heart.
Side note: Many of the dogs on this transport were super scared as they were never socialized. It breaks my heart when those come through, and makes me want to find the people that have mistreated them and take away their privilege of ever having dogs again.

But who was my favorite, you ask? Oh well, it HAS to be Sebastian, who made himself completely comfortable in the Jeep.
Who could POSSIBLY resist a dog like this?
I barely did.

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