Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Last Transport To Catch Up.

This was a transport for a lovely pitty boy named Quincy, and two kittens. Unfortunately, since my camera is pretty much not working, I was only able to get this one very dark picture of Quincy. I'll share it anyway, and do my best not to have more pictures like this if at all possible.

Now, in addition to the transport doggies, I'd like to share more of my own. Here's a sampling of our dogs at the beach, and I'll be adding more of these in here and there at random, especially as the weather turns colder. You can click to enbiggen these (as always), and they were taken before my camera went kaput.




And some more random ones.

And just a few pictures of the lake in general.

Okay, I'd better get my butt in bed and get some rest so that I can do my transport tomorrow... later today, really. We have a fairly high chance of snow, so I would imagine I'll need to be on the ball even more than usual.

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