Thursday, November 18, 2010

While I Catch Up, MOAR Beach Dogs!

I'm uploading and editing transport pictures, so while I get that done (in between the chores and such), how about a whole bunch more beach dog pictures? We really had a blast that day, and I went so totally camera happy. So let's get to the pretty pretty pictures!

And away we go! (Don't forget you can click to see them full-size.)

Ooh, Jupiter butt!


Okay, enough butt.

Taking a little taste.

Seems to be okay.

Ohmy, waves.

I don't mind if it's just the feet.

Look at your dog. Then back at me. Then at your dog. Then back at me.

Look at this great trot!

Look, I'm near the water.

Just soaking it in.

We're just running all over the place.

Running along the edge. Can't you just hear the Chariots of Fire music?

Up in the sand, the view is great!

Hey, I think I found something!

Yep, I'm pretty sure I did!

It smells AND tastes good!

It's my very own feather!

I'm just gonna lay here and gnaw on it a bit.

Don't try to take it away!

Okay, you can have it now, I'm going over here!

Can't we play a game or something?

Awesome! A ball!

I'll bring it to you so fast!

See? I do good?

Okay, now you throw it again!

If you're not going to throw it, I'll just sniff around over here.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. Muahaha.