Friday, December 24, 2010

How's About Some Swatches?

And maybe a couple of haul pics as well? Yes? Then click away for The Color Workshop swatches and my recent hauls.

Let's start with the hauls. I got in on the ELF sale, and took in quite a bit there.

When I took Bo to his new life, I had to do a little retail therapy on the way home. Here's what I got.

Good times, good times, except for one not so nice bit... Later on that night, on the road, I hit a deer. Unfortunately, I'm almost certain she died there in the ditch, I stopped and watched to see if I could see any signs of life. I didn't want to leave her there in misery if she was injured. Lucky for me, Jeeps are tough, and I just busted up some of the plastic on the grill. But it was still no fun. And yes, I cried. Stop laughing at me.

So now, let's move on to The Color Workshop swatches. I used to see some of these sets around, and they often didn't have names, but this year? There are names! So color me impressed already, because I really don't like polishes without names. Or at LEAST numbers so there is something to refer to. So anyway, let's see what they look like.

Dynamic: Very much not my kind of color, but one that I can see those who like the neutrals enjoying. Really ran thin, and was more work than I would put into wearing it as a full mani.

Ego: Pretty enough, but too sheer for me to want to wear alone.

Over black: Looks great over black, so I'd assume any dark color under it would be pretty amazing.

Enchanted: Another neutral that isn't my style at all. Went on much better than Dynamic.

Funky: Another one too sheer for me to wear on it's own.

Over black: And just as lovely over dark colors as Ego.

Intrigue: A lovely shimmery burgundy that could be a little more opaque, but is pretty.

Perfection: A sheer gold polish that could be built to full coverage with a lot of work.

Over black: It's nice, but not amazing.

Romance: A nice wine shimmer that is fairly classic.

Splendid: A wonderful bright red, like so many others.

Tease: A sheer pinkish shimmer. Way not my style.

Over black: It goes milky, so it's not really meant for black layering. Maybe another color, I don't know.

Vixen: A linen colored shimmer that is too sheer for me.

Over black: It also gets a but milky, but there's a hint of potential there.

And there you have it, the polishes from The Color Workshop that I picked up.

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