Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am SOOOOOO wired tonight!

I'm still working on cleaning, but I have to take frequent breaks so, while I'm sitting, I think I'll play the GO POST HAPPY game! Hehehe. This post is more about the layers and such and kind of a review post. So have at!

First up, BYS Cracked in red over some various colors.
Some thoughts on the Cracked: I think it takes some practice to figure the best time to lay it down, but I love it because it looks like an old brick building with character.

Here's what I used underneath each nail (with notes on each polish):

Left hand-
Pinky: revlon grape icy, thin, needs 3-4 coats, vaguely smell it but it's there
Ring; cutex no name, teeny brush hard to work with, streaky but evens out 2-3 coats
Middle: sweet georgia brown cyber green, pretty, nice shimmer, christmasy green, 3 coats
Index: sweet georgia brown cyber yellow, decent 3 coat coverage, little bit of mustard colored
Thumb: snowman in shiny metallic silver, covers great two coats, love it
Right hand-
Pinky: wnw black creme, old version, super watery, but builds to a great shiny black in three coats, pic is two coats
Ring: revlon cotton candy, has a lovely shimmer in it, and fairly opaque in two coats, 3 would be better, smells sweet
Middle: maybelline matte blue, goes on great, good coverage in 2 coats, dries fast
Index: wnw nail zone no name, goes on nice, lovely shimmer, 3 coats to cover
Thumb: sinful bamboo, awesome green, dries satin, two coats covers

Final thoughts (for now): It seems that creams or microshimmer work best, the metallic just didn't crack very well, and neither pinky worked very well, plus my left thumb. my left ring was the best one of all of them as far as I'm concerned. I think it's my execution that was failing more than the polish, but some turned out pretty well.

Now for some layering with glitters. Please forgive the lovely smudge in there. The cats do try to 'help' me at times. 
In some of these you can't see the glitter terribly well, in others, very well. I took brief notes on these as well, so here they are. Please don't mind my horrible grammar and composition, they were quick notes and I have not edited them. And I've included pictures of each without the glitter layer here too. Notes on the glitter in italics

Right hand:
pinky - sweet georgia brown coco loco; shiny, coverage with 2 coats, quite like it for a neutral
icing glamourous; nice holo glitter, not too sparse

ring - sweet georgia brown snow cone (i think- name is partly ripped off); shimmery, very sheer, not opaque in 4 coats but pretty for top layer
fp sparkle tc; not quite holo glitter, creamier base than pinky

middle - sweet georgia brown spun sugar; sorta sheer and shiny, good in 3 coats, nice silvery grey
maybelline pot of gold; sorta sparse large and small glitter

index - sweet georgia brown grape surprise; pretty nice blackened blue, not sure how it's grapes, 3 coats
sh salon starry starry flight; heavy silver microglitter, lovely, would work alone too

thumb - daring vampire red; lovely vampy color but needed 3 coats to lose streaks, still, workable
fp oh my stars; fairly heavy silver glitter

Left hand: 
pinky - sweet georgia brown cyber green; awesome all around, 2 coats, love this one 
wnw green glam; sparse green glitter, pretty 

ring - icing gorgeous in gold; awesome gold pretty 2 coats and omg love it
wnw nail zone no name glitter; kinda sparse, not quite really holo but okay

middle - wnw limelight; lovely light green 3 coats, would like to use again
milani high fashion; gold and glassy glitter, pretty

index - sweet georgia brown the color purple; 3 coats very pretty
wnw 437d; reddish jelly with extremely sparse glitter, might be better as a built-up mani

thumb - wnw 450a; kinda peachy neutralish, but okay, 2 coats
wnw nail zone no name silver glitter; sparse but nice

Here are a few more single nail swatches that I managed to get pictures of as well. 
A WNW with no name:

Maybelline Matte Blue:

Sweet Georgia Brown Cyber Yellow:

Revlon Cotton Candy (I love the shimmer in this!):

WNW Black Creme (old style):

Sinful Colors Bamboo:

And one more NOTD that I really liked a LOT, and that makes me want to get my hands on more Glitter Gal polishes!

I still have a couple more sets of swatches to show you, and then a lot of manicures for the rest of December, so keep your eyes open for those. I'm really hoping I can find time to upload and edit all the holiday manicures and post them in one big post on Christmas Eve, but time seems to get away from me pretty fast. I haven't been doing as much real nail art this year since I seem to run out of steam by the time I'm ready to do my nails, and wind up with layers instead. The good thing is that I love love love glittery blingy layers, so I've loved them all. 

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