Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Wow, last random thoughts of the year. I'm sure I should say something really deep and meaningful, but my mind is pretty much mushier than a bowl of oatmeal.

I slipped and hurt my knee again, so I've been limping around an awful lot. It sure doesn't help get the chores done.

North of us they got bunches and bunches of snow, and we got a dusting. I guess I should be happy, since we still haven't gotten a snow blower like we planned this year, but I actually like the snow. And so do the dogs.

I've been watching movies on Netflix all week, with our PS3. It is so so very worth it to pay money every month and be able to watch a fairly good selection of movies, especially the comedies. I like to have them on and listen while I work, because the laughing makes the work go by faster.

I gave up and filed my nails down on my left hand. We're hoping to really for real get to putting the flooring down in the living room soon, and they'd almost certainly get broken. I'd like to see if we can't get it done before The Mate goes for surgery.

I started using iGive this month, and chose Grayson as my charity. To date, I've raised $6.78. That may not sound like much, but all I did was use the iGive search and click through to place an order. With everybody who uses that, the total raised is: $933.97. Now THAT is more impressive, and shows what happens when people work together.

Our Christmas was a lot about stocking up the household. I hate to sound like I'm bragging, but, well, I got awesome stuff. It's for everybody, at least most of it. Like, the KitchenAid stand mixer I've drooled over for YEARS. And matching food processor. The whole set of the stoneware pots and pans that have been advertised so much lately. A vibrator *wink wink nudge nudge*. (Don't read that if you're my kid... oops too late.) FOOTIE PAJAMAS! And satin ones. And I bought him the entire West Wing series on DVD. The Limited Edition special pack of Sound of Music. Several other DVDs that we enjoy. And several books. Plus, I have some art coming for the walls yet, that he doesn't know about, just that something else is on the way. (He doesn't read my blog often enough for this to reveal anything.)

I need to get back to work on training with the dogs. I've been neglecting them as far as actual training, although they've been getting plenty of attention. 

I'd say more, but I need to run to the store, so that's it.

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