Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kellie Gonzo Giveaway and randomness

Over at Also Known As... Kellie has some Misa polishes to give away, and I just KNOW you'll want to get in on that. Just look at this pretty pretty picture!
Aren't those gorgeous? To enter you just need to go over here and put in your details. Then sit back and cross your fingers! Oh, and while you're there, you should totally check out her blog, it's amazing. I'd love it if I could get pictures as nice as hers.

In other news, I have HUNDREDS of pictures to go through, edit, and share. I'll try to start catching up with them, but of course I can't say for sure how fast I'll get there. We've started the year off pretty rough around here, so hopefully that means it's just going to get better. The Mate's surgery went well, and he's healing, though still having a LOT of pain. We knew that going in, this surgery is only going to help some of the issues, the rest just aren't fixable, until they invent some new technology or something. My med adjusting phase should be leveling off soon, so that will help as far as it goes for me, though getting that done means we get to move onto the next set of issues. Hell, issues... I have subscriptions. But whatever, we'll get through that too.

Missy is still improving slowly, and I hope that in a couple weeks I can start working on reintroducing her to Lassie. That's going to be a work in progress as well. I might try to set up the video camera outside with a tripod and record some of it so I can see what's going on better. Cleo continues to spend more time up here on the bed with us now, which is really wonderful. I knew she couldn't hold out forever. Haha.

I got an actual computer chair to use, so I'm not 'stuck' with camping chairs anymore. It's a cheapie, and not as comfortable as the ones we used to use, but it'll do the job, and maybe I'll find a used one on sale later that's better. Heck, maybe I'll get my laptop working properly and I won't be stuck in one place anymore. Whatever, I don't mind, my desktop is set up just how I like it.

Well, I am still way behind on housework, so I'd better get out of here and do some of that. I really hope to be back tonight with some pictures, but I just don't know if I'll be able to. I wish I could lay around and sleep like the kitties. Hee.