Monday, February 21, 2011

Finishing Up With The Frankens

Okay, here are the rest of the frankens I've made so far. A nice even dozen. Hee. And don't forget, new transport post going up on the other blog. I'll stop pimping it out eventually. Maybe. We got massive snow last night, like 8 inches or more. I'm going to have to shovel it, but I don't mind that much. We might call a snow plow to do the driveway though. It's $20 well spent, since it would take me quite a while to do it, and make me sore. Anyway, let's get to the polish since that's what I originally set this up for.

I'll just list the numbers, since I haven't named them. For all that I complain about companies who don't name their polishes, I should probably think up names for these. Hee. I may get creative later and make even more. We'll have to see how the day goes. This time I didn't take bottle pics, just a quick pic of the swatches. I tried to do layers, basically so that the tips have 4 coats.

Number 7.
I absolutely love this gold, even if it's rather sheer.

Number 8.
This silver is high on my list of good ones.

Number 9.
This spring green is one of my best so far. 

Number 10.
This kind of reminds me of a tarnished penny. But it's got too much other stuff with it to be true penny.

Number 11.
I think I might need more small glitter in this one to make it really sparkle, but it's nice like this too.

Number 12.
This one is basically just a glitter, and I love the way it turned out. Could be heavier on the glitter.

Number 13.
I'm not sure if this one is too frosty or not, I think maybe it's metallic enough to make up for that.

Number 14.
This one would have been better without any glitter added, since it got basically eaten by the color. 

Number 15.
I really like the way this one turned out. It's a nice red-orange with shimmer that would flatter most folks.

Number 16.
I think this one might look better with some darker glitter in it, but it's nice like this too.

Number 17.
I know I say I'm not a pink person, but I do sorta like it once in a while. This dark one is my type of pink.

Number 18.
I love yellow so much, but the glitter in this one didn't work too well.

And that will do for now. I have a whole huge mess of WNW swatches, so the next few posts will involve those, and I'll also have my OPI week up before too long, then once I get the pictures uploaded and edited, my week leading up to VD, which was Nicole polishes. After that, my new Cult Nails polishes got their turn (and OMFG they are SO AWESOME!), so those will be coming up before long too. Seriously? I cannot rave enough about these polishes. She obviously really loves creating colors, and I cannot imagine the amount of work that goes into starting a business like this. Well, actually, I can, because I've done some research, and it's more than I can manage to take on. I'm a little envious of her, and also really impressed. I'm pretty certain that I'll buy every color she puts out, because based on the first four, these are some of the best polishes I've ever worked with.

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