Sunday, February 20, 2011

Franken Fun

I went just a little off the deep end for a few days, and made a bunch of frankens. Some are fails, and some are fantastic, and I had a blast, so all is good. Let's have a look at some of them and see how they turned out.

Of course, I haven't named any of them, I usually don't right away.

I think this one is my favorite of these, but it's not anything super original, it's a deep shimmery purple with a little bit of sparkle to it.

I love the color in this, but the black glitter strips don't show on the nail so well. I'm not complaining too much, since the color is nice anyway.

This one is pretty cool. I like the way the blue glitter seems to stand out so much.

Here are the next three I came up with.

I love the glitter in this one, but the color isn't my favorite. I'd wear it though, for the bling factor. I should try it over black!

I really like the way this next one turned out, it's a lovely dark teal color and flowed nicely.

This one looked great in the bottle, but did not translate very well to the nail. I think it's because the base is dark and fairly opaque. I may play around with it some more later on.

I've got a bunch more, but I'll save those for later. For now, I'm going to pop over to the other blog and put up some transport pictures!

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