Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whoa, Hi There!

I am alive! I really didn't mean to leave this poor blog so alone, but we seem to have caught one of those horribly nasty colds, and between that and the Jeep being down for the count, I just haven't been able to sit at the computer for long. Let's put it this way, there were several days that I didn't even touch my nails, let alone do a full mani, and that's just unheard of for me. So, now that I'm getting better, it's time to play catchup. Let's get right to it, and see what I did for my 'week' of OPI!

I started with Fiercely Fiona. I nabbed this at an Ulta while waiting for my transport to arrive, and I knew I'd love it. Yellow always has been a color I love on my nails.
This has that greenish tinge that kinda makes me smile.
It went on nice and smoothly, and this was three coats.
Depending on how the lights hit, it can lean more yellow and more green.
I can see how some folks won't find this color flattering to them, but it's going on my list of LOVE IT polishes.
What do you think? Good or bad?

Next I went with Smokin In Havana, which was part of the six shades I won from OPI in their Facebook promotion. While this might not be a typical "ME" color, I do really like it, especially the way the shimmer blends in to make it really stand out.
I've always liked when a polish has shimmer that blends right into the color and looks almost creamy until you check it closer.
I think this one is rather flattering on me, although my fingers look a bit red in these pictures.
If you lick and embiggen the pictures, you'll really be able to see the shimmer.
I'm not even sure how to categorize this color, is it red, orange, copper? I don't care, I like it.
This is three coats, although I could have gotten by with two.
Like most OPI polishes (for me at least) it flowed on pretty well. How do you like it?
Check out the close-up of the bottle, where you can really see the shimmer.

For a nice change of pace, I chose another of my won polishes, Parlez-Vous OPI? I never bought this one, thinking it was too dusty for my liking, but now that I see it on? I do like it. I felt like adding something more, so I grabbed the INM Northern Lights silver top coat.
You know I love me some glitter, and I really think this mani pops.
There is a bit of a dusky quality to the PVO, but it isn't enough to make it murky.
Although, in the right light, it can look a little dustier.
And again with the red fingers, I guess it's just the angle of the lighting or something.
I will admit, I spent an inordinate amount of time staring at my nails with this combo on them.
The little sparkles make me happy, possibly even giddy.
Even in bright light, where it's harder to get the holo effect, it still looks sparkly and pretty.
I think PVO is flattering to just about anybody's skin tone.
So, your opinion? Is this a winner for me or not?

So, two awesome polishes won so far, what else do we have? How about a marbled mani done with Ski Teal We Drop and Hoodoo Voodoo?! Why yes, I can do that. I really like both of these colors, and I'm glad that they were chosen to be sent to me from OPI. Now if I were much better at marbling, this would have looked even more awesome.
I love STWD, and there is something about HV that pulls me in, even though I sometimes claim I'm not into corals.
I think these two marbled together very nicely, and make a nice contrast.
Like I said, if I were better at marbling, this would probably have been a super awesome mani.
In case you can't tell, I went over my index finger twice, because I am a ditz.
On the thumb, they started to blend together a bit, but it was my favorite anyway. Maybe because it has the best curves. Which one do you like best?

I did love the way the thumb turned out. I guess I just need to practice a lot more. The next one is another I grabbed at Ulta (both were half off, so yay for bargains!), and just slapped on really fast because I was busy. Flit A Bit is an awesome orange, and could very well be the base for the butterfly mani that I did before, and want to do again.
I love the way this one shines.
This is definitely a case where a creme polish is best just as it is.
I can imagine there are top coats that would look good over it.
I bet I could use this to create a Tequila Sunrise mani too.
Do you think it looks good on me?

It's not always that I need the bling and glitter, once in a while I do like a plain mani like that. Of course, since I need the practice, I did another marble, with two more polishes I won from OPI - Kinky in Helsinki and Sahara Sapphire. Now, I had SS (the original - I'll have to compare them), but not KiH, and I'm awfully glad to have them both now. I think this marbling job turned out much better.
Picking out a favorite nail on this one was harder.
This time, pretty much all of them turned out well.
I love the contrast of these colors as well.
I think I'd probably have to go with my index finger as my favorite in this case.
I love the bright flash of shimmy in KiH when the light hits it just right.
Check it out up close, don't you think these are great colors?

And the last day of OPI week was Cheyenne Pepper, the last polish OPI sent me. Totally not my type of color, BUT I like it far more than I thought I would.
The shimmer in this is really nice.
I can't figure out what I'd compare this color to, because it doesn't quite look like cayenne to me.
Maybe cinnamon, depending on how the light hits it.
I think my best friend would love this color a whole bunch.
Not that I'm sure I want to give it up, like I said, I like it more than expected.
I thought some sorta delicate nail art would go well, and I think it does.
What do you think? Got a favorite among all these?

Okay, so that concludes my OPI week, but it certainly doesn't conclude my using OPI polishes! I've got plenty more in my stash, and I may do another week of them soon. We'll just have to see. In a way, my next post will be OPI, since it will be Nicole by OPI polishes. I'll get to updating my other blog as well, as soon as I can. While I'm off the road from transports, I can catch up. At least, I hope I can.

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