Friday, February 18, 2011

Swatches, Stuff, and Silliness.

Well, since I got my dream come true polish today, I'm going to share swatches I did before, because I'm not ready to put that on my nails yet. I'm just going to stare at it for a couple days, and drool a lot. Maybe cry some tears of joy. You know, the same thing you do when something so fantastic happens that you can hardly bear it.

My transport for tomorrow wound up pulling some dogs, and they no longer need me to drive, which is good, since I'm driving Sunday for Grayson. I'm really hoping The Mate can ride along and we can take a night in a hotel to relax. We'll just have to see how he feels. It'll be a blast if we can do it, and I could hit up the Ulta on the way home and see if they have anything great.

Anywhoo, let's enjoy some pictures of polishes for now, and maybe later I'll even share a picture of my new precious.

We'll go with some Confetti swatches, which is a fairly cheap brand available at CVS. Supposedly they are being discontinued, I have no clue, but since they aren't the best polishes around, I'm not really going to miss them. I know, that's not nice, but more than half the brushes have been jacked up, the polish isn't very easy to work with, and most of them are thin and streaky. At least a few of them are pretty.
This is a reasonably nice purple.

Just Dancin
A fairly average burgundy shimmer.

Pink Confetti

Very sheer glitter.
Looks nice enough over black.

Purple Pizzazz
Nice looking purple metallic type polish.
Looks interesting over black.

Purple Reigns
Kind of jellyish, pretty average.

Silver Slippers
Fairly nice silver.

White Knights
A way bleah white polish.

So, anyway, those are just kinda meh in my book. Let's move onto some that I like much much more!
Ego Trip
This is a fantastic color, and application was great.
Two coats is plenty, and you might be able to get by with one thick one.
I really like shiny colors like this.
Don't forget, you can click on any picture to embiggen it.

Now THIS is right up my alley, you know I love the glitters.
This is a fantastic green glitter, and would layer will over darker colors.
It does give full coverage with the 4th coat, though you could probably do 3 thinner ones.
It's got a great depth to it.
Over black, it looks more golden.

Sexy Siren
Another one right up my alley.
I mean, sky blue glitter? Heck yeah!
I think blues like this are right up there in my top three colors ever.
Again, good coverage on the 4th coat, but 3 thicker ones might do.
These flow on the nail really well too.
I love how it looks over black.

Tru Passion
MMmm glitter makes me happy.
Like the others, 3 thicker or 4 thinner coats will do the trick. 
So sparkly and blingy.
I could use a ton more of these kinds of polishes.
This one looks fantastic over black too.

Okay, that's enough for now. I've got to get back to work, and maybe spend a little quality time with my new precious. Muahahaha!

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