Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jessie's Girl (Not The Song!)

It should have been fairly obvious that I'd be segueing into Jessie's Girl from my last polish post, but if it wasn't, now you know. I had some great polishes, and all in all, I like the JG polishes. Let's see how they look!

Starting out, we see Riff-Raff.

It's a lovely shimmery brown.

I used three coats for this one, but I probably would have been okay with two.

Even though I'm not a huge brown fan, this is quite pretty.

It has that 'glow-from-within' quality that I love so much.

It went on pretty smoothly, so no complaints about the formula.

Next up is Crush.

It's a vivid neon orange color.

It looks lighter or darker depending on the light.

It's also got that jellyish quality that goes with a lot of neon colors.

There's no shimmer in it, which is fine, I like neons.

This one was four coats, but you may not need as many.

And again, the formula was nice, flowed smoothly, and didn't goop up.

Now we'll see a color that I really love. Glee!

What a gorgeous teal sparkle this has!

It's like a flaky metallic color, and just shines all over the place.

This is three coats, and one over black on my ring finger.

I quite like it either way.

Formula wasn't quite as smooth with this one, but still very nice to work with.

Oh yeah, there's one coat over white on my thumb too.

There was, however one thing that could be an issue for some. This is what my nails looked like after I removed it.

Soooo, after some time soaking in warm water with denture tablets, my nails were back to normal, and I decided to go with Spring Break.
This color is drop dead gorgeous.

It's a bit jellyish, though not neon.

I went with three slightly thicker coats for this mani.

The formula was awesome on this polish.

I want flowers this color in a flowerbed out front of the house. I like it that much.

I thought the butterfly stickers complimented it very well.

So, after that prettiness, I chose Fool's Gold.

This is a beautiful gold polish.

It's not too sheer, and not too light.

There's that darn broken middle finger again. It's been giving me a lot of trouble lately.

Like most of the others this week, this is three coats of polish, and the formula is quite nice.

I could see this turning into a favorite gold pretty easily.

Next, I thought Midori would be fun to see.

It's not quite neon, and it's packed chock full of shimmer. Enough to almost make it frosty.

It went on thinner than most of the others, and this is four fairly thick coats.

I got a few bubbles as well.

I don't think I have another color quite like this.

And my last polish for Jessie's Girl week is Confetti.

I did three coats, with one coat over the black on my ring finger, and again over the white on my thumb.

It looks like you can see VNL, but you really can't see it without the macro on the camera.

It has that metallic duochrome kind of effect going on.

I definitely like the shininess of this polish.

The formula was decent, and all in all, I'm pretty happy with the brand in general.

This color in particular was pretty versatile. You can wear it on its own, or layer it over other colors.

Don't forget you can always click on the pictures to embiggen them.

I'll probably wind up picking up more of this brand eventually.

Well, thus ends my week with Jessie's Girl, and also this post. Next up will either be a transport post, or I might move to some swatches, or even my frankens (some of those are pretty nice, and some are failures). I'm hoping to do a lot more posting this week, but we'll have to see how it goes.

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