Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oke Doke!

Well, even though I do say 'okey dokey' on a regular basis, that's not what the title of this post is about. No, this is a new brand of nail polish (or at least new to me) that I found recently. So I picked up a couple colors to try it out. Let's see how they look, shall we?

This is Camo Loco.

I'm liking this green an awful lot. It's nice and shimmery, and covers really well in two coats.

I may have to try it out as a Konad polish one of these days. It seems like it might be thick enough.

I like how it really catches the light from every angle.

It would certainly make for a fun camo manicure with other greens.

It's a very rich looking color.

I should have saved it and worn it tonight, to camouflage my broken middle fingernail. Haha. Here it is really close up.

The other color I grabbed is Purple Nurple. (Insert immature snickering here.)

All kidding aside, this is a beautiful shimmery purple.

At first it seems kinda plain, and you might think it's just another regular purple.

But then you look at it closer, and you see a lot more depth to it.

I chose to go with three coats, but two would probably be okay for most folks.

I wish I could have had sunshine to take pictures of this one.

Don't forget, you can click on any of my pictures to embiggen them. Here's a close-up of it.

I liked it so much, that rather than switch to my next 'weekly' polish, I simply grabbed a sheer one from my Jessie's Girl lineup and layered my accent fingers, which for me is generally my ring finger and thumb.

Firefly is a lovely multi-colored glitter just made for layering, IMO.

Putting it over purple really brings out the green flecks in it.

This is just one thin layer over the Purple Nurple, and I luuuurved it.

I mean, look at how it changes the look of the polish SO MUCH.

And it just shimmers and glows in the light.

Even in low light, it just POPS. Here is a close-up of the bottle.

While I was swatching one day, I was playing around with the nail art stripers and did this.

It makes it easier to see how well they might work, and how opaque they are.
I should really start playing around with more freehand stuff, even if I do kinda suck at it. I'll have to wait until my nails grow back... well, for now, just the middle one that broke, but I may chop the rest down too. We'll see how much it bugs me that they are different lengths. For now, I'd better boogie on to bed, I've got another transport to do tomorrow, as usual. I hope I can get some more great pictures, since I'm almost caught up on transport posts!

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