Friday, February 11, 2011

A Grayson Transport!

Okay, I said I'd be back with the transport for Grayson, and here I am! Not only do I have adorable puppy pictures, but stunningly cute kitty pictures as well! Let's jump right into it!

I'll start with the puppies, who were unbearably adorable, and made me want to take them all home and snorgle them.

Unfortunately, I don't even know their names... but since they'll get new ones, it probably isn't a big deal. This little blondie and her white pal got the honor of riding in the front seat (in their crate).

If you're into fluffy white puppies, this one should be right up your alley.

With her little cream ears, and her soft as silk fur, she was full of pep.

Here she and blondie are asleep in the crate along the road.

Millie isn't a puppy, but was still quite the cutie.

I think she was the quietest of the whole bunch.

Colbert looks a little like a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Who wouldn't want a ball of fur like this to cuddle with?

And last, but certainly not least, this little brown terrier mix was the noisiest of the bunch.

You can see in his eyes just what a stinker he was being! But he was happy once out of his crate, so it was all okay.

As you can see, he really tried to steal my drink, or at least the straw. He also crawled all over me, stared out the window, tried to climb on the other dogs, and made an effort to get Missy to play with him (she was in our big crate in back). He finally settled down on the arm rest in the middle for a nap, and I caught this look. HOW CUTE IS THAT?

And, one of the kitties that made the trip was dropped off in Fredonia to her WONDERFUL new adopter, so I didn't get much chance to get pictures, but I did catch this one of Kiki.

Apparently she is settling in nicely into her home, playing like crazy with her new 'sister' (also from Grayson!), and living the high life.

The other cat to make the trip was Will, a gorgeous grey kitty that did a little bit of talking on the road.

We set him up in a crate for a little bit to introduce him to the kittens, and he was having a blast with this toy.

A grey cat is the only color we just haven't had, but I can't take any more in. Too bad, because he is beautiful.

He is as soft as he looks too.

And he isn't lacking in affection either.

Now let's move on to the gorgeous kitties that I love to visit and play with whenever I head up there. English Bob isn't a kitten, but he's so sweet, and since he's ill, I like to love on him for a while.

He is such a loving big guy.

The kittens on the other hand, would rather run and play and jump and be silly. But they stop once in a while, so I got some good shots of them.

Kathryn is the pretty orange girl who rules the roost.

Chocolate is a beautiful tortie girl.

Hmm, that was blurry, let's try again.

Now, if we could just see her eyes.

Okay, that's just not working. Let's see if Squeakers will cooperate.

Ah yes, she poses for me. Of course, she also hides, so we can't see her.

All of them loved the laser pointer.

I wonder if she was shocked that she 'caught' it, but yet didn't.

Let's go with some action shots.

Well, that's not too active. Let's try again.

Ah yes, synchronized laser chasing!

Maybe not so synchronized.

Getting closer.

There it is!

By George, I think they've got it!

Wasn't that fun? Now it's time to meet Will (Them, not you. You've already met him.) and sniff him over.

Okay, I'm done, and I'm going to go get some work done around here. I'll have more nail polish later, if I can sneak in some time.

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