Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts (Now With Pictures!)


Since I missed being all random-y last Tuesday, I'm going to include pictures this week. Aren't you lucky?!

I should totally be in bed asleep right now. Haha. 

I really needed to pamper my nails the other night, so I grabbed the fingertip protectors and doused my tips liberally with Vitamin E oil and then wore them. And I took a picture. Stop laughing at me.

I snapped this picture out the window the other day, just cuz. I kinda like it. 

I made some frankens (uh, mixing nail polishes up, if you're not in the know), and then I used one to paint this barrette. I love glitter.
Too bad I have the big bald spots to try and cover, so it looks like this when I put it in. Stupid hair.

Not having a screen door on the side of the house comes in handy. The dogs launch from inside the house and hit the ground running. They also zoom right in. I tried to get pictures of them, but these are all that turned out.

I painted a fake nail to compare OPI PVO (Parlezvous OPI?) with Cult MKOC (My Kind of Coolaid). I like them both, but MKOC wins out. It's the shimmer that does me in. You can click all my pictures to see them much larger.

I've mentioned before that I clicker train, and I use plenty of treats. When I'm not feeling like making my own, or I want something that the dogs really like (junk food for dogs? Why yes. Stop laughing at me.), this is what I do. I buy the treats, and then take some time to sit down with my cutting board and small knife, and cut them into itty bitty pieces. That way, I not only have a LOT more treats to use, but the dogs aren't going to get fat from training. I took pictures of the process. Look at how many I get from 6 'yogurt' drops!

Of course, when I'm doing this, if I look over my shoulder at the bed, this is what I generally see. 

I tried out the SH Salon Effects polish strips when all my nails broke on my right hand. And I only tried them on my right hand. Here's what they looked like when I got done putting them on. Please excuse the horrid condition of my nails.
This pattern is Collide-O-Scope. It's right up my alley. As you can see, my thumb got a bit extra here.
It's supposed to last up to 10 days. Here they are the next day.
And on the third day, my nails looked like this.
I did use top coat to try to protect them. I am REALLY tough on my polish.
I like them a lot, but if it isn't going to last longer, I don't want to spend $9 for the stuff. Even if I *can* get 2 full manis out of it.

I think I need a vacation. From myself. 

I'm going to crawl in bed and watch stupid movies. And laugh myself to sleep.

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