Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How About An Overload Of Nail Polish Pics?

I have about 6,395,472 (I might be exaggerating a little) pictures to share, so I'll start with some more nail polish pictures. Let's get right to it.

This week I chose to go with polishes from Claire's. The first one I chose is a scented one called Grape Popsicle.

It did smell a lot like grape popsicles, but I really don't care for this color. I also mislabeled it Maple Syrup in most of the pictures. Don't ask me why.

Maybe it's because it's the same kind of brown shade as maple syrup.

Or maybe the sweetness smelled maple-y to me. I don't know.

The glitter got kinda buried in the color, so it didn't show up too well.

I mean, look at it, why couldn't it look like that on my fingers?

While I was waiting to check out, the cashier pointed out that the holiday set was on sale 75% off, so I grabbed this one. Of course the polishes have no name (I really don't like that!), so I'll call them "purple" and "black". Sneaky, aren't I?

The picture of the black without the decals didn't turn out at all, so we'll skip that and jump right to the full mani.

I really like how the accent fingers contrast with the rest, and the opposite color schemes worked out.

Butterflies are one of my favorite decal designs ever.

This black is a really nice one, and the glitter shows up quite well. It looks like a very dark night sky.

The purple can lean a bit blue or a bit pink, depending on how the light hits it.

In case you haven't noticed before, I usually do butterflies because they make me think of my best friend. I liked them before, it's just that now I have another reason. Stop laughing at me.

Apparently Claire's has some dupes to the MAC Villains collection. Now, I didn't order any of those, so I can't compare them, but this was one of them.

Venomous is a lovely duochrome that looks good on it's own, over black, and as follows over white.

I used black on my ring finger, and two coats of Venomous.

The rest of my fingers had four coats of Venomous on them. Three would probably have been enough, but I like the extra coverage.

These are the kinds of polishes I call dangerous, because I wind up staring at them, turning my hand every which way.

They rank right up there with glitterbombs and holos.

I mean, anything that can go from green to purple by a small movement of the hand is rather amazing.

Or a simple shifting of the light.

It's also pretty darn smooth.

I just wanted to keep taking pictures all night.

I almost did, but eventually the batteries do give out on the camera.

All in all, this is just a lovely, wonderful polish.

Next up is Bright Skies. Here it is with one coat, over black on accent nails.

Then with four coats (but only two on ring finger), it looks like this.

I seriously love this polish.

The holo glitter, the color, the finish (it's smooooooth).

It went on quite well too, which is always nice.

Here it is blurred a little bit to see the bling!

This is another one dupe-y to one of the Macs that I can't compare it to, I think. Hee.

This one isn't very duochromey, but it's still super pretty. It does have a bit of flash between blue and purple though.

With three coats, you can barely tell the difference between that and putting one coat over black. Again, that's on the ring finger.

Then I had to add a little decal accent too.

I'm sorry my cuticles are still looking a bit ucky, but the meds really are wreaking havoc on my skin. And I seem to have reached a plateau with the psoriasis, so I'll probably make an appointment with my doc this week.

Even in sorta low light, you still get the bit of glitterific fun in this color.

But more light brings out the best in it.

As usual, you can click on any of the pictures to embiggen them.

This bright glowy color is aptly named Aqua. Okay, not terribly original, but it's better than having no name.

It's a great color, and I can see wearing it a lot.

My camera was running low on power, so I cut this picture session off quite short.

Next up is another duochrome, and I'm thinking it's the last one that is dupe-y to the Macs. It goes from a lovely coppery brown to a purply color.

Here you can really see the brown well.

Also, here, you can see the brown better than in most.

And here it's leaning more purple.

Back over to brown, and it looks darker here.

You can see the changing colors in this a little bit.

I love the way this color looks.

And when it hits this shade, I practically squee.

I didn't do any with black accent this time.

I never really got the green that seems to show in the bottle. Maybe trying it over black would produce that.

The last Claire's polish I used was Diva, and it's a blingtastic purple!

Just look at how that shines.

Even under the flash, it still looks amazing.

I don't ever color correct my pictures, so they often look quite different from frame to frame because of differences in lighting.

I think the color in this shot is my favorite view of it, and yes, it is very smooth.

One last shot of it, just gleaming at me. I do so love glitter.

Phew, lots of pictures! I should put up a poll on whether you want to see a TON of pictures like this, or have them split out. Or maybe just ask here. I'm such a dork. Hee. I guess I'd better get in bed, and attempt to get some rest. I have got to get back in the groove of things. I sorta took today off, but didn't rest as much as I probably should have, so I want to see if I can catch up tonight!

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