Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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Still trying to get a pet into the winners section for Bissell's MVP contest. If you'd like to help, vote every day for Missy here, starting tomorrow!

Had such a wonderful time going to the doctor today. Haha. Naw, he's pretty neat, but then they had to draw like 84 tubes of blood. Okay, 4. Still, yuck. At least the person doing it was good with the needle. And we're doubling up on the Psoriatane, so look for future posts full of ranting about the side effects. Or probably not so much, but it will likely get mentioned.

VD is over, so now maybe I won't have to listen to those stupid commercials telling me I'm not loved because he didn't buy me diamonds. Honestly, he loves me every day, and we kinda just pass off VD as a nothing sort of day. We do say, "Happy VD" a lot though. Yeah, I have a 12 year old sense of humor.

Started working on shaping with Krissie and the clicker. I am going to try to teach her to pick up a small toolbox. This might be fun!

Finally got all the snow off our ramp, so it's more usable. Which is good, because we really can't use the side door since I didn't put a gate in my little fence project. We will when we get real fencing in this summer.

I didn't pick up cat food today (busy with everything else) so I'm going to have to run tot he grocery store and pick up something to get them by tonight. Bleah.

Got my new Cult Nails polishes, so you know what's going on my nails the next few days! And by the time I run through those, my new Clarins should be here. I'm SO SO SO excited!

We finally got our GPSs updated, and now our maps will be current. Yay us! The Mate had to do a lot of work to get his computer to let him do it.

We splurged and bought tickets to see TSO in April. I can barely wait! I've wanted to see them in concert for a long long long time.

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