Sunday, February 6, 2011

We need some doggies up in here!

I'm way behind, so I'm going to post a couple posts to catch up on transport pictures. This was the transport on the 8th of January (almost a month ago!). We were moving through what was almost a blizzard, but I still managed to get a few decent shots here and there. I hope you enjoy these!

Let's start with pictures of the roads, so you can see just how yucky it was!

As you can see, it was low visibility, and to top it off, those roads were slippery. Apparently some folks found that out, as the following pictures show.

That, folks, is why I love the Jeep, and why I'm quite willing to drive under the speed limit when weather and roads are bad. (Not willing to stop taking pictures while I drive, although I mostly just point and shoot, hoping it turns out.)

I sorta claim to be a lead foot or speed demon, but I'm really pretty cautious when you get right down to it. I've already had enough accidents, I don't want any more! Anyway, let's get to the adorableness of doggies. Sissy is a gorgeous husky mix that was very calm and quiet.

Bartholemew is a lovely beagle boy.

He wasn't too sure about walking around in the snow.

Hildy was so so frightened that we just moved her and left her alone. Poor girl. But she's somewhere better now, and will get all the love she needs.

Niblet was the other Beagle on this run.

Cindy and Mindy are two Catahoula sisters that made the trip together.

I couldn't tell them apart, and both were absolutely overjoyed to play like mad, as you can probably see.

Of course, getting attention was nearly as much fun as the snow.

I said nearly.

Watching them bound over drifts was so much fun.

When the time came, they curled up in the crate together very nicely.

Niblet was tired too. It's hard work being cute.

Everybody chilled in the back of the Jeep for the ride.

This is either Laverne or Shirley, an older pair of Labs that made the trip.

And we're back to Mindy and Cindy.

Yes, they were bounding all over at this stop too.

If they'd been set loose, they would have run forever!

Snow is obviously not a problem for these girls.

Having the zoomies is fun!

Ooh, the smells too.

I are stalking you.

And this is the other one from the Laverne and Shirley pair. What a sweetie.

Check out Horace, the lovely Great Pyrenees who made the trip as well.

I think he wanted to get out and get more attention.

So, that's one trip that was a little bit on the scary side because of the roads, but so worth it for these wonderful dogs.

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