Thursday, March 24, 2011

La La La! I R Random.

I'm all sorts of scattered, so this is just going to be random. And hopefully you won't mind. First, I want to share some pretty neat blog posts (old and new) that kinda fascinate me. And they all have to do with nail polish storage, especially shelves. I dunno if I've said anything about it before, but I want to set up one of the bedrooms as my own polish room, and I have plans for shelves to display my polish. I'd like to set up a manicure station, a light box, and basically everything I could need when it comes to my polish. But, it's probably going to have to wait while we get some other things done. That's okay. So anyway, feel free to click and check out my musings.

The first post that I bookmarked is an older one from Scrangie. If you haven't seen her blog (HOW could you have missed it?!), it's totally worth checking out. This particular post shows the rack her hubby made for OPI polishes. It's reasonably close to the type I'm hoping to make for my own polishes.

The next is a post from Cosmetics Aficionado, with a spice rack used as a polish rack. While that is an awesome idea, it isn't exactly feasible for me, because I have a large stash. But I wanted to share it because not everybody is as obsessed with polish as I am, and it's a neat idea.

Next, the Polish Hoochie shows off her nail polish room, which is stunning. Seriously? I want to steal her ideas for wall art - the nail polish ones... those look amazing. The whole room is so well pulled together, and absolutely gorgeous.

Earlier this year, Getcha Nail Did shared before pictures of her polish room. If I get ready to get started on my room, I need to remember to do that as well. I can't wait to see what it looks like when she's done!

And then I found this post from Valentine Kisses, about the polish shelf her hubby built for her. Since I'm hoping to have a "Wall of Polish" that one interested me because it's close to what I want to do.

The last link I'm going to share on this topic is from Glammed Up. She has walls of polish, and is building more stuff to go in her room. This is fairly close to what I want to do with my own polish room, when I can finally get to it.

In other randomness, I saw Perplexed the other day, and picked up a couple extra bottles. So if you're looking for one, hit me up.

I also found some glitter to play with, so hopefully I'll have some fun with these before too long.

And on the topic of nail art, I tried making my first cane out of fimo, and this is the result:
I was aiming for a flower, and I guess it's not bad, but I need a LOT more practice. 

In other news, my skin isn't as bad as it was, but I have gotten set back some. This is my hand, with a couple of spots on my knuckles. It looks worse now (happens with this med, things get worse before better), but I have high hopes that it will be cleared up before long.

And last, but certainly not least, these are the flowers that are making their way up in our front area. Now if the snow would stop coming back! Haha. This one is such a gorgeous shade of purple.

And these pretty lavender ones make me smile.

Here are those same lavender flowers in the sun.

I wish I could totally landscape our yard, but there's just not enough money to do it all. Guess I'll put it on that list of stuff I'll do when I win the lottery. Hahaha! Coming up in the next few posts: WNW and ELF swatches; NOTD up to St Patrick's Day; a special polish. I also made a post on my other blog, so if you're an animal person, go check it out. There is another transport to post there soon, and then some pictures of our own creatures. But now? It's time for me to crawl into bed.

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