Friday, March 25, 2011

Cult Nails! You *Gotta* See These!

Okay, after the last time I showed pics of a Cult Nails polish, I said I was getting the other three shades they had, and I did. So today I'm going to share pictures of those with you, so that hopefully you can see how impressive they are as well. Let's get right to it!

We'll start off with Iconic.

This gorgeous mauve with flakies is very much up my alley. Check it out up close.

I'd really love to see more like this one, in varying colors.

It looks pretty darn nice over black too, as you can see on my ring finger.

I love how different it looks at differing angles.

The depth in amazing.

I used three coats (one over the black) for this mani, and it flowed on beautifully. As with My Kind of Cool Aid, the quality of this polish is very VERY high.

The flakies make it looks more orange-y or burgundy depending on how the light is hitting it.

Clean up was a breeze, and this color did not stain my nails at all. I used Orly Ridge Filler and Bonder as my base, and Revlon ColorStay and Seche Vite for the top. You should click on this to see it full-size. A-MA-ZING!

So, then I thought I'd try on Living Water.

Sure, it kinda looks like black with some shimmer there, but if you get closer you'll see it's not. Check it out under flash.

Isn't that amazing? I love seeing all the blue and green in there.

Basically, this is a really deep blue-green, with blue and green micro glitter. Or at least that's how I'd classify it. I could be way off, but hey, it works for me.

As you get more into the light, and see it at different angles, you can see more of what I mean about how it's blue-green. Here's a really close up pic.

I did three coats with this too. I'm pretty much a habitual three-coater, unless it's super really well covered in less. And I'm willing to go up to six coats if I must to get full coverage. I just hate VNL.

Again, clean-up was very easy with this polish, especially since it pretty much only stuck to my nails. So far every Cult polish I've tried applies so well it almost applies itself. Okay, not really, but they apply so effortlessly that it's a real pleasure to use them.

You should totally click on these pictures to enlarge them and see the details of this polish. It's SO freaking gorgeous!

It really does remind me of deep water, the colors are so wonderful.

Over on my sidebar is a link to Cult Nails, which you can use if you want to get your hands on these. Or get these on your hands. I don't get anything for that, I'm just so happy with them that I want to let others know. They sell for $10 each, which isn't a bad price, especially since they apply so well and look so damned gorgeous!

I had to take pictures in other lights as well, because every time I went somewhere else, the color was so awesome.

I picked up Cosmic Voyage from Personi, so I thought I'd try it out over this. WOW!

I hope I'm not boring you with these, but I can't help gushing.

I've wanted that Personi polish for a while, so I nabbed it on Ebay for a decent price. It's like confetti on my nail!

So, after the success of the first three polishes, I just knew I'd love Quench as well.

Boy was I right!

Although reds aren't my favorites, this one is flippin' gorgeous.

It has a not quite jelly texture, and as the others, flowed onto the nail with ease.

Like the others, I did three coats. My coats tend to be pretty thin, so most folks would probably be happy with two coats of all these.

You'll have to pardon my icky cuticles and skin, it's a side effect of my meds, and it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Of course, with gorgeous colors like these, and no macro mode for our eyes, maybe nobody will notice. So I'll still let you see them. With flash, you can really see how this is a true red.

I can say with confidence that I will be buying this brand whenever they come out with new polishes.

So, in case you didn't figure it out, my final verdict on these is: Damned near perfection in a bottle. For all of them.

Now, I've got to get my chores done, and maybe I can come back and do another blog post later tonight. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I liked having them on my fingers!

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