Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh, Let's Drool Over My Haulage!

Okay, that title sounds really flippant or like I'm bragging, but it's not meant that way. I have had a rather large amount of polish coming home with me recently, and much of it is from blog sales, ebay, and clearance sales. I *love* when I can get polish at up to 75% off! Polish is my major splurge in life. I'm happy to skip meals out, movies in the theater, and those kinds of things to spend the money on polish. The Mate spends his share on his toys, and I go with polish. Seems fair to me. So anyway, let's see what kinds of pretties I've gotten recently.

If I manage to get things organized properly around here, I'll get some actual stash pictures, but until then, you'll have to settle for haul pics. I'm sure you don't mind. 

Here is some good stuff from a blog sale. I didn't keep very good track, so I can't quite remember what all I got from who!

Teal Envy? That's, like, turquoise, or even sky blue! Hahaha!

Another blog sale nets me some fun stuff. 

These were a must have, and I'm SO glad I splurged and got them. 

Moar bloggy sale goodness. 

Nabbed these from a blogger. 

Picked up some polish for me, and an extra for... something. LOL Prolly a giveaway. 

Just check that glitter out! I lurve it!

Love blog sales that get me awesome polishes!

Thought these would be fun. 

Look what a blog sale got me!

Ahhh the elusive Black Shatter! Now to get Simply Smashing!

I couldn't resist this collection. 

I've wanted these glitters from CC forEVer. So very happy to have them!

I'm just catching up with some of the collections I missed when I wasn't buying much. 

I wound up getting most of the OPI glitters from the Burlesque collection, these from one place, and the other from Ebay, which is why it isn't pictured, I guess. Haha. Mad As A Hatter is for my best friend, who wanted it so much. 

Picked these up in the clearance bin at PetsMart. LOL NO names, but cute colors. 

I saw these cute little sets on sale for cheap, and grabbed one of each. 

I hit up Target for some Nicoles. I just can't resist these new colors!

I thought I'd paint some fake nails of these to check them out. 
You'll be seeing some of these in the next few days. 

Okay, fair warning here, I'ma show a picture of the color used on my foot. 

Which means I'm showing my foot. 

As always, it's a foot, and therefore not all prettified. 

I guess unless you love feet.

I'm not a foot person. 

I just like to keep my toes done neatly, and other than that, I want to ignore my feet. 

Or any feet. 

Okay, here ya go. 

And with that, I'm going to bed, because I never did go to sleep last night, and it's catching up with me. 

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