Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sneak Peek and Babbling.

So, after all my whining in the last post, I thought I'd be a little more cheerful tonight. Mostly because I'm up to day four on the meds, and the moods are already stabilizing a bit, and I'm not having the really yucky symptoms. Some dry mouth and skin, extra aches and pains, and a bit of peeling on the bottom of my foot... plus the moody thing which hopefully is easing up. Oh, and wanting to sleep way more than usual. Those are all very tolerable!

I used my phone to take this snipshot of my nails tonight, so feel free to guess what it is! I have a lot of editing to do, but hopefully I'll find some time this weekend, and do some catching up. I've got a whole bunch of WNW and ELF swatches to share, and then plenty of NOTD pics as well.

I've also gotten back to catching up on my other blog as well. Since I can't transport right now (the Jeep is DOWN dangit!), I can catch up there, and maybe do some fine-tuning on both blogs. Of course, if a transport comes along that is one dog, or a couple really small ones, or even a couple kitties, I'll certainly jump in there with our little pickup. I also took the money I would have spent in gas, and donated it to Doctors Without Borders. (I will admit, I totally thought about buying nail polish with it, but even *I* am not that selfish. Mostly.)

Well, I guess I'd better crawl into bed, and hopefully get some really good sleep so that I can do lots of chores tomorrow. The faster I burn through them, the more I can edit and post!

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