Friday, April 22, 2011

More Swatches To Share!

Okay, this time I'm actually getting back to this before a week has gone by! Go me! It's windy and rainy, and I've had a really rough day, so I'm kicking back with a Subway sub, some delicious wine (a Sangria from Brookmere), and the time to do a little 'housekeeping' on both my blogs. Maybe I'll even find the time to get some more swatching in tonight, unless I get tipsy. Of course, that wouldn't take much. So let's go through how my day went while we see the rest of the WNW swatches. (Fair warning, there is some gross talk in here!)

I actually woke up before the alarm, feeling semi reasonable. So I got up, spent some time with the dogs, and cleaned up a bit in the kitchen.
Another one with holo. 
Takes four coats though.
Still, it's pretty. 
It looks fantastic over black.
See? Check it out blurry. 

After some training time, the dogs were ready to lay down, so I grabbed my kitty brush and did a little quality time with them too. Just a few strokes each, since most of them won't stay still for much more than that. Except Patches, he likes it.
You gotta know I love this one.
Glitterama is right up my alley. 
Looks awesome over black. Or any other color I bet.
It would take about 6 coats to fully cover with this. 
Definitely a layering polish, and I like it. 

With some house stuff done, I got to head off to the doctor. Oh joy. First, we needed to recheck my psoriasis meds, and also I needed him to take a peek at the lovely ingrown toenail I've been struggling with. Ew. Well, we're halving the psoriasis meds and sending me off to a dermatologist. As far as the ingrown... I had the pleasure (HAHA) of getting my toe numbed up and having it cut out. First the Novocaine needle made me bleed. And when he did the other, I bled a bunch more. YUCK.
I have lots of these kinds of silvers, and I never get tired of them. 
This one is rather average in quality, not a stand-out.
The color is gorgeous though, so I'm not complaining. 
Two or more coats does the trick. 

So, then the doctor sent me to get bloodwork done. Off I went with a numb toe that had a big bandage on it, to let somebody dig around in my arm with a needle. I'm so lucky, I have veins that roll and hide. Fortunately, today's draw wasn't too bad, and I only have a small bruise. After that, I had to go put gas in the pickup, and then I stopped at Walgreens to check for any new polish (yes, there was some).
I love blues like this, and the one covers well. 
Granted, I probably have several much like it, but it's still nice. 
I really like the glowing from within thing.

Now, with all the blood stuff, I felt like it was time to get pampered a little, so I popped over to the hair stylist to see if we could do something with my hair. Because of the psoriasis and the meds, it's been looking pretty bad - bald spots, dry, and straggly.
This is a fantastic green. It glows so pretty. 
It covers well in two coats. 
I'm keeping this for sure. 

Well, talking it over with the stylist, we thought it might work to go fairly short. And so we did. It feels kinda strange to have hair that doesn't even reach my shoulders. But it looks SO much better.
I *LOVE* this green!
It's deep, glowy, and gorgeous. 
It does need three coats though. 

So, by the time my hair was done, my numb toe wasn't so numb any more. And let me tell you, it wasn't a very happy toe. Of course, this isn't new, since it's been hurty for a while, and when the dogs would accidentally step on it, it would hurt a lot, so I decided to head for home and put my foot up for a while.
This is a pretty nice teal color. 
It's another three-coater, but that's okay with me. 
WNW really did pretty well with these colors. 

Because The Mate spoils me so, he let me go buy Subway for dinner, so that was easy. I popped over to the pharmacy and grabbed some more bandages and such, so that I can re-wrap my toe after I take a look at it, and then into Subway to grab sandwiches. Now there was NO numbness left, and my toe was not happy to be driving. Haha. So I came home and jumped into my comfy PJs.
This is a fantastic color!
Y'all KNOW I love me some glitter. 
The sparkle in this is so lovely. 
And it looks amazing over black!

So, that pretty much brings us to now. My wine seems to have gone somehow - I guess somebody drank it all! So, I guess we'll open a bottle of Ice Wine, and see if that goes just as quickly. Bad, bad Michy. But it's so totally worth it. I'm not going to get all trashed or anything, and Ice Wine is in smaller bottles, so it's not like we're drinking gallons. Heck, I've been writing this blog post for almost two hours!
I guess the best is last!
I love me some yellow. 
This is an awesome bright color, even though it takes four coats. 
The shimmer in it is nice too. 

So, that's it for the swatches. And for my day. Wanna see a quick peek at my haircut? Sure thing.

That's pretty short for me. But it looks SO much better than it did, and with the thin hair I have, I can't really expect it to look all that great longer. Maybe when the bald spots fill in it will come in better. If not, at least this style looks a bit better. Now if I could lose the extra weight, and get in better shape, I'd look even better. Anyway, I'm going to go lay down, and probably fall asleep. What a wild life I lead! Haha.

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