Friday, April 29, 2011

Help A Kitty Out!

So if you know me, you know I'm into the kitties, and I like to help them. This particular kitty needs some dental work, and it's going to cost around $500 (vet's estimate). So, I'd like to try and help raise that amount, or maybe a bit more to help. I'm not sure how much I can give when I get paid tomorrow, but I'm going to plug all my spare into it, even if that's only $20. This poor beat up tomcat deserves so much more than to suffer, and the lovely lady who took him in shouldn't have to shoulder this burden alone. Let's take a peek at the pertinent info.

The post that kicked me into gear!

The video that might make you cry (Warning, there are some rather graphic parts in here).

The post I created for the ChipIn, on my other blog.

We've already got one generous contributor who donated $50... so let's see if we can get this done! One dollar, ten dollars - every little bit helps.

Editing to add: We're at $100, that's a fifth of the way, and with only two contributors! Also, I will be happy to provide whatever documentation needed to show once I make the payment as well. As long as I don't have to give my banking info out to somebody. Haha. And it occurs to me that with all the awesome people out there, we could raise more than what is needed. So if that happens, my plan would be to donate the surplus to Help Lily's cat have eye surgery.

Edit 2: Lookit, up to $145! I certainly hope we can get this done! Please, spread the word - if enough people can just give a dollar or five, we'll get there!

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