Friday, April 22, 2011

Wow, I've Been Way Too Lax!

So I've been extremely absent lately, and I'm sorry. It's just been such a madhouse around here lately, and I've been so wiped out that I haven't spent nearly as much time at the computer. I've even been skipping doing my nails off and on, which we all know is odd for me. But I'm coming back, and hopefully won't be abandoning you any more! Now if we could just get the Jeep truly working again... yeah, it's out of commission again. This time it's brakes. Argh! At least the warranty covers it, but we have to wait until May 6th for it to get into the shop!

So, since I've been so lazy, I don't have mani pics, but I do have a bunch of swatches (the entire WNW Fast Dry collection that came out recently). I'll split them up into two posts, because I have a LOT of pictures of them. So let's get right to it!

I'll start with this lovely orange.

I love the sparkle in this, and it's a color I can see wearing all on it's own.

The gold-ish glitter in it stands out beautifully.

At 3-4 coats, it's awesome.

Check it out over black!

Next up, a great blurple.

We all know how hard these can be to photograph. This is actually pretty close.

I love the shimmer in it.

It's also a two-coater, which is a bonus.

This sheer blue builds up nicely.

It's got holo glitter in it!

I definitely want to keep this in my stash.

Check it out, 4 coats gives full coverage.

And just look at it over black!

I took a nice blurred pic so you could see the holo goodness.

Oh look, black.

How much is there to say about black?

This formula is kinda runny and I'll stick with my regular WNW black creme.

But it's not the worst black I've used.

Here is a bright cheery red.

It's got great coverage.

The color pops!

That hint of orange is nice too.

Ooh look, a matte!

This one takes the full 4 coats to cover.

It's also darker than I thought it would be.

It's almost jelly-like.

All in all, I'm not super impressed, but it's not bad.

This awesome duochrome is a keeper.

Look at how many colors you can see in the bottle!

It's got that lavender/green thing going on.

I really love it over black.

Just a slightly different angle makes it look quite different.

I really like this one a lot.

Yeah, it does take 3-4 coats to cover.

I think it's worth it.

Here's one that I really really love.

You know me and those yellow/golds.

The depth in this color is incredible.

It's so sparkly and shiny!

And take a peek at it over black!

I wouldn't call this magenta.

It's more like hot pink.

It is a really pretty hot pink, and I like it.

Check out that shimmer in there!

Okay, so that's it for this first half, and later today, or this weekend sometime I'll have the other half of them for you! I'd do it now, but I had a wonderful huge supper at Eat N Park, and I'm still stuffed, and need to lay down. I had to go alone, because The Mate was in bad shape, but I did bring him apple pie with ice cream, so it wasn't like he was totally neglected. Anyway, I'm going to let the dogs have their last potty break, and crawl into bed.

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